Black Friday & Cyber Monday Trends for 2021

Gareth Ilbery, 
eCommerce Director, 

There are some trends we are seeing in the eCommerce space, across our portfolio.

Some of the data from our industry partners are slightly different from what we were expecting and what had been predicted.

  • Big companies have been trying to “bring forward” shopping over the festive season
  • Black Friday searches are happening earlier
  • This is slightly at odds with consumer behaviour
  • eCommerce penetration has stabilised over recent months
  • Consumer confidence has dipped with rise in inflation & incomes being squeezed
  • Consumers are waiting for Black Friday & Cyber Monday to make their purchases
  • Gifting searches are back significantly on both 2020 & 2019
  • Expect purchase intent to be squeezed into the weeks on either side of this period

If you’d like to see more data regarding these trends, then please reach out to the Push team for more information.