Meet the USA Pushling family


MD of Push MENA

Our Arabian Habibti

Push’s first-ever employee in 2007, Anisha left us to travel and work abroad and is now back where she belongs heading up an exciting international business. She leads Push for the Middle East & North Africa regions, based in Dubai.

When Anisha’s not masterminding her MENA takeover, you can usually find her at one of Dubai’s eateries or beach bars.


Head of People & Culture

The People Piper

An advocate of people-centric people processes, policies and practices. Lola has a strong employment law and relations expertise background and takes pride in using acquired technical skills to create great innovative people ideas and initiatives; making our everyday work life more engaging and purposeful. Enjoys all things fast, constantly seeking a thrill, travelling and taking great photos.


Paid Social Account Manager

Paid Social Account Manager

Enri is passionate about all things integrated and is on a mission to give all of our lead generation clients maximum exposure through a multi-channel approach. She loves getting out of her comfort zone and testing the newest trends in digital marketing. Outside of work (and at work) you can find her surrounded by thousands of Italian espressos!


MD of AdInvestor

The Mother of Strategy

Manages the team that develops and implements the strategy for new accounts. Jasleen works closely with clients so we have clear KPIs and a strategy to hit them. Her favourite saying is – growth isn’t a strategy it’s a result! Jas also assesses what new products we introduce to ensure our customers continue to thrive.


Technical Product Manager

The adinvestor commander

With a passion for web and mobile app development, Olu enjoys the challenge of bringing to life a product that people love to use. Always cool, calm and collected, he doesn’t feel pressure but sees every problem as an opportunity to be more creative. Olu loves cooking, strategic games, socialising and feeling like a winner!


Commercial Director

Commercial Director

Gareth is Commercial Director, and has a vast amount of experience in numerous areas of digital marketing; PPC, display and social advertising to name a few. Gareth loves rugby and enjoys nothing more than going to the pub to watch a match with a pint of craft beer. He’s an enthusiastic golfer who delivers hole in one results on the course and with his clients.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Picasso

Aggelos main value is to always strive for excellence. In his free time, he spends a lot playing video games and board games as it keeps his brain engaged. Long walks with friends and talks about business and technology are always the start and the end of a conversation. Details always matter especially when we talk about digital.


Accounts Assistant

The Number Cruncher

Coming all the way from Serbia, Aleks was raised and grew up in London. He has had a passion for numbers throughout his time at school, which led him to a career in Finance.

He brings a wealth of experience to our finance team, but he’s not resting on his laurels, Aleks is studying towards a chartered qualification.  Like many at Push, he has a love for table tennis and is always up for a challenge!


eCommerce Account Executive

eCommerce Account Executive

Alex has always had a strong interest in business and consumer behaviour. He has a BSc in Business Studies with a specialisation in Marketing and an MSc in Strategic Marketing. Alex has the strong belief that great products and services should not be prevented from reaching their target due to a lack of marketing expertise. When not working you’ll find him exercising or practising some martial arts.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Paid Ads Ninja

Angelos is a Google and Facebook ads Ninja. Ready to tackle any platform problem, build new campaigns and always ready to help out. With attention to detail and the ability to effectively multitask, he is a valuable asset that accomplishes any assigned task. Outside of the workplace, he loves fitness, watching sports and travelling to new places.


HR Director

HR Director

Anne makes Push culture the very best it can be! Whether it is streamlining Push processes or introducing new programmes, Anne helps the entire Push team to grow and develop. Passionate about travelling, Anne has lived all over the world and enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She also loves musical theatre and going to concerts (especially 80s music!).


Senior New Business Development Manager

Senior New Business Development Manager

A proud son of Scotland, Cameron has worked in digital for over 8 years.  He’s passionate about helping businesses grow online and helping them get the most for their budget.

Outside of work you’ll often find Cameron on the football pitch, where you can see him running down the left wing.  When he’s not playing, you can find him cheering on Chelsea FC.


Web Developer

The Code Historian

Cel has been developing code since the very first spectrum computers (only those of certain age will have heard of Spectrum). He is the sharpshooter of our support system and thinks of every possible scenario when he codes!


Chief Performance Officer

The PPC Daddy

Charlie is our results-focussed Performance Director. He loves data and has over 10 years of experience managing all aspects of PPC. He runs our PPC team and his passion is ensuring our customers have long term relationships with Push. Likes extremely spicy food and is constantly eating.


Head of Finance

The Harry Potter of Finance

Our financial wizard and accounting specialist. Ashish has a great head for figures and provides a calming presence in the Push office. We recently celebrated 10 years as a PPC expert and Ashish made sure that although we had a great party we didn’t go too overboard on the budget for champagne.


Search Account Executive

The Strategist

Born in London made in Kent. Prior to Push Connor has a background in SEO & eCommerce, with experience working in-house and on the agency side.

When not in the office, Connor can be found following Chelsea Football Club or at the cinema watching the latest releases!


Office Manager

The Multi-Tasking Perfectionist

Dimitra’s organisational skills have resulted in having every little detail at Push in place – and we all know that details make the difference. From invoices to office-related tasks and coordination between clients and the Account Team, she is the go-to person. Dimitra makes Push culture the very best it can be!


Head of Product Development

The Social Media Goddess

Originally from South Africa, Gineke came to work for Push via the graduate training day we held at Google. Gineke is at the cutting edge of social media and how to utilise social media advertising to boost online branding and sales. She leads the paid social team across multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat (for now) and ensures every customer has a bullet-proof growth strategy in place.


Paid Social Account Executive

Paid Social Account Executive

All the way from Brazil, G has spent some time travelling across the globe. She’s a Digital Marketing enthusiast who loves everything tech, and in her ideal digital world, a genuine human connection is essential to create solid online relationships. Other than tech, she’s crazy about nature, animals, food, and you’ll always find her thinking about new ways to help people to achieve their goals.


Chief Channel Officer

Google's Best Buddy

Grant is a workaholic, rarely every sleeping, and has over 25 years experience in a variety of marketing roles. A born and bread Manc he is based in our Media City office and also manages our close relationship with Google and the many events we hold at Google HQ.


Digital Innovation Account Manager

Jack of all Trades & Master of Digital

A recent graduate of Bournemouth University, Jack puts theory into practice with all of his clients. He’s one of the younger members of the Push family but keen to work his way up the ranks. Outside of work Jack loves exploring new cultures, fitness and continuously learning. He also enjoys watching Arsenal play… we thought that was impossible?


Sales Director

I Pitch and I Close

We love helping customers grow and Jai is in charge of our new business team, developing new clients into long term partners. He has worked at Push from our early days and has a vast experience of what strategies to adopt to help new customers grow. He is a keen lover of music and manages the Push Office playlist



The Scholar of Shopping

A thinker not a drinker, James has 7 years of experience in eCommerce and has worked all over the UK and Ireland. Despite not liking shopping in real life, James is all over Google Shopping and is excited that the famous Push methodology will polish off his already accomplished experience.


E-commerce Account Manager

Brings the Cool to eCommerce

A member of our expanding eCommerce team. Jay has worked with some impressive businesses such as Cisco & BT. Passionate about Digital Marketing Jay knows how to help you rapidly grow online. Jay is extremely hard working, which is helpful, as he spends a large portion of his salary ensuring his hair is in perfect shape.


Non-Exec Director

Non-Exec Director

Kartik is a non-Executive Director for Push and a heavyweight in the industry that we are very pleased to have as part of our team. His passion is to build and grow businesses and Kartik has had the chance to work with some of the best companies in the world with a vision and goal to make businesses succeed in the digital world.


Digital Marketing Analyst

Your Digital Marketing Ally

With an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College Business School and a diverse professional background – from trade marketing to luxury PR and affiliates- Katerina brings a unique view when it comes to marketing. Known to get emotionally invested in the success of the brands she works with, her mantra in life and work is “never touch anything with half of your heart”.


Paid Media Director

The Paid Media Guru

Monique brings a wealth of experience, having formerly worked with some huge household brands in fashion and banking. Being a stickler for organisation process and testing this is a really exciting move for Monique. With the amazing work she has done with the Multi-Market team and growth of accounts at Push, we are really excited to see this growth across the rest of the business.


Scripts & Automation Specialist

The Creator of All Things Script

Born and bred in India, Naman is now based in glorious Denham and is a key part of our UK team. We are passionate about data and Naman is an Automation Engineer, specialising in Apps/AdWords scripts. By following a rigorous process in research, analysis & Adwords Management he is a great contributor to our success.


Social Account Strategist

The Digital Dancing Queen

Whether it is dancing salsa and bachata, designing her own clothes, baking, cooking or drawing (the list goes on!), Natalia is constantly creative. She dances her way towards incredible results, and has a wealth of experience in marketing, PPC strategy and social media campaigns.



The MC of PPC

Having previously worked in PPC for three years, Neil brings a fresh perspective to our E-commerce team. Former DJ and Sunderland fan, Neil delivers far better results than his football team, and much like a striker, scores goals albeit ROAS ones. Key skills include remixing strategies and is usually found with a cup of tea in hand.


Marketing & Content Manager

The Marketing Maestro

Closer to retirement than your average Push staff member, Nemash is at the cutting edge of marketing and manages our internal strategy and the many events we run with our partners. Nemash has over 20 years experience in marketing positions and can often be found telling stories of the good old days in the staff lunch area.


Search Account Executive

The Curious One

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Niko’s background is a mixture of political science and marketing. Combined with his curiosity for researching new methods and learning, he has a desire to bring the best possible results for his eCommerce customers.

When not in the office, you’ll find him at the nearest comic shop, looking for new issues to add to his collection!


Account Executive

The PPC Prodigy

Born and raised in Gujarat, India. Paras is passionate about all things Marketing, Branding and Strategy. Paras has an MSc in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School, achieved at the age of 21!

When he’s not in the office, he can be found geeking out over stocks and the financial markets. He also loves playing chess and watching F1.


Search Account Executive

The Future Macro Influencer

Pardis was born and raised in Iran, moved to the UK to study MSc Digital Marketing and discover new opportunities. She is passionate about art and understanding people’s behaviour. She finds marketing the combination of those two, which is why she loves it. Pardis is always open to experiencing new foods, cultures and places. She is also an Instagrammer and an influencer who creates content about Digital Marketing.


Non-Exec Director

Non-Exec Director

Dr Paul Kearney is a Non-Executive Director for Push who specialises in supporting teams through complex transitions. A former Royal Marines officer who commanded Special Operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan he is used to working on a ‘frontier.’


Digital Innovation Account Strategist

Innovation Strategist

Leading the innovation team, Pete works best with businesses who are prepared to take risks and invest in creative solutions to fit their needs. Outside of PPC, Pete is well travelled, & loves fitness, nutrition & geek culture


Head of Design & Development

Problem Solver Extraordinaire

With a distinction in Electronic Business MSc and a BSc in Computing Science (Hons 1st Class), Qam is Push’s technical guru and problem solver. A born and bred Derbyshire lad, with technical proficiency across the board. He does take a very free-spirited approach to parking enforcement officers through.




Rakesh is responsible for finance at Push with a particular focus on funding, commercial finance and helping the business scale. Outside of work, Rakesh loves to be bossed around by his young daughter and if he gets some spare moments will usually be watching the next mindless action movie.


Customer Success Manager

Tracking & Setup Goddess

As a part of the strategy development process it is vital we are tracking and reporting exactly what you need! Renisha is a goddess when it comes to this and can find a solution to anything! Her attention to detail means the team can quickly identify what is and what is not working for your business


Head of Strategy and Delivery

Head of Strategy and Delivery

With 10 years of experience across some of the world’s largest accounts, Rhys leads the strategy and delivery in MENA. Whatever the problem, he will solve it. A proud Yorkshireman, Rhys loves Scarborough, fish and chips, and gaming.



Fountain of Knowledge

Ricky is one of our founders and is the fountain of knowledge in Push. Proficient in everything from PPC, Social, Scripts, AI to what makes a great website, he strives for innovation and excellence in all aspects of digital. He looks after the Push pet dog and for extra attention often brings her to the office.


Videographer & Content Creator

Video Grand Master

Rob handles everything video here at Push. A camera and editing wizard, he brings a creative side to push along with a positive attitude and expertise in filming. Everything with a moving image goes through Rob. With a Filming background and a love for photography, there’s nothing Rob can’t do with a camera.


Account Executive

Account Executive

Rohan was born and raised in Mumbai. Over the year’s he’s worked in multiple roles ranging from a client-servicing associate with a content agency to a marketing executive at a restaurant-tech start-up. He is constantly seeking innovative ways to help a business get discovered. Outside of the office, he can be found geeking out over comics, web design and making silly jokes.


Biddable Media Account Strategist

The Gaelic Google Giant

Sam loved our culture so much he moved from Ireland to London to join our UK team! Has managed hundreds of effective AdWords campaigns and has incredible attention to detail. Samknows speed is key and he is at the forefront of launching new BETAs to our customers. Still says the Guinness tastes better at home though.


Visual Designer

The Gold Medalist Of Design

Sam brings a new perspective to the design team with her illustrations, print knowledge and an OCD eye-for-detail, creating stunning, conversion-focused designs. Her creative flair extends to drawing, sewing and a passion for dancing, having won gold medals in Ballroom and Latin Competitions when she was living in South Africa.


New Business Development Manager

The Arabian Princess

Shahnaz has been working in digital marketing for 6 years and with a passion for all things digital, she has a particular interest in web design and development. After obtaining her MA in Media and Digital Communications, she has been working to help companies in various industries across the UK and MENA region organise and uplift their accounts on social and digital platforms. Growth hacking is at the core of what she does.



Digital Account Manager

The Client Management Expert

Slav brings to the digital industry his extraordinary touch of style. Polishing every aspect of his work to the most meticulous details, he treats client management as a quest for perfection. His abilities to coordinate team members and customers bring out the best in everyone.


Digital Account Manager

The Charlie Kaufman of PPC

When each and every project you work on is a piece of genius you achieve a level of freedom some consider unnatural! Stefan is boundless insight incarnate. We don’t let him grow a beard, because the resemblance with Charlie Kaufman is uncanny. “We are what we love, not what loves us. And I do love PPC” – Stefan



He’s the ‘old boy' at Push

Steve is one of our founders and his many strengths include an amazing knowledge of all aspects of sales & marketing. His overall vison of the future and ability to simplify complex topics make him the perfect speaker at our seminars. He is the ‘old boy’ at Push but still one of the fittest members of the team.


SEO Account Manager

The SEO Activist

A master in the art of Search Engine Optimisation, Suren uses research and analysis to improve our customer’s website rankings.

Suren enjoys lifelong learning, UX design, being outside, comics, and anime, in short, he is a self-confessed adventurous geek.

A Greenpeace member, who is passionate about defending the natural world from destruction.


Paid Social Account Manager

The Social Media Wizard

From Vietnam to Great Britain, Suzanne brought her cross-continental insights and experiences to Push. She has a big heart for languages, cuisines, cultures and social media. Going beyond borders, she grows businesses across markets and platforms. She loves experimenting and finding creative tactics for ad accounts, paving their ways to magical results.


CRO Specialist

The CRO Pro Bro

Resident big boy and CRO expert, Svilen brings in a wide array of marketing experience with solutions tailored to our client’s needs. He lives by the deadline and is always willing to help his fellow teammates. If your website isn’t converting Svilen can tell you why!


Digital Marketing Analyst

The PPC Ninja

Our most recent hiring, Vasilis, has excelled in learning the ins and outs of both Google and Facebook Ads. Continuously upgrading his skills and learning how to roll out new features, Vasilis is the person to get in touch with for any technical or platform-based challenges.


MD of Push Greece

The Greek God of PPC

After 10 years of experience in the digital space, managing national and global advertising campaigns, Yannis is leading Push’s expansion into the South-East Europe (SEE) region. As the MD of Push SEE, based in Athens-Greece, Yannis and his team are managing national and international accounts, maximising their sales through innovative digital campaigns.


Head of Design

King of Creative Design

The king of creative design. Yash knows how to keep web visitors on the page and lead them subtly to the next important step. Calm, thoughtful and considered, Yash also plays the role of ‘brand police’ for both Push and our customers. Looks mean but likes cuddles.

Yu Ting

International Account Manager

The PPC Navigator

Winnie takes the same approach to work as she does to life, with positivity and determination. Always up for an adventure and challenge, whether it be bungee jumping, parachuting, flying a light aircraft or optimising a PPC campaign strategy, Winnie lives by the mantra “work hard, have fun, be nice”.


Paid Social Account Executive

The Social Moonflower

In Vietnamese, her name – Quynh- means a flower which only blooms at night. That may be the reason why she is a wild soul. She is a result-oriented person who is strict with herself but reacts flexibly to any unexpected situation. With an open mindset and a love for experimenting with new tactics for a social campaign, she is always ready to go beyond borders.


Paid Social Account Executive

Paid Social Account Executive

Originally from Poland, Zuzanna brings another cross-cultural perspective to the social team. Passionate about everything social, she wants to help businesses use social media to maximise their potential and outplay their competitors. Outside of work, you will find Zuzanna playing tennis or eating out with friends.


Biddable Media Account Manager

Biddable Media Account Manager

Zandalee brings a wealth of digital marketing experience to Push; having done everything from SEO to PPC (and more). A super-energetic go-getter, with a positive mindset and a love for aesthetic harmony.

When Zandalee’s not working, she loves nothing more than spending quality time with her family and friends.